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Quality Tools are Legos of Development (and Their 7 Uses)

How are quality tools Legos of development? We talk about the two philosophies of brick building and our use of the family of quality tools, including 7 uses in product development.

Lessons Learned from Coffee Pod Stories

Coffee Cups

We explore a public consumer complaint and upset and imagine how it MAY have been avoided from the beginning from a product design standpoint.

Crucial Conversations in Engineering, with Shere Tuckey (A Chat with Cross-Functional Experts)

We may find ourselves in tricky situations as engineers on a team. Shere Tuckey joins us to talk about these crucial conversations.

Challenges Getting Team Input in Concept Development

We summarize teamwork Design Engineers can use for concept development of a design. This is the final and 7th part of a podcast series.

Brainstorming within Design Sprints

We explore some take-aways about team brainwork through a Design Sprint, a method to develop a design concept with a team in 5 working days.

After the ‘Storm: Compare and Prioritize Ideas

We’ve gotten lots of ideas from our brainstorming session. We talk about Quality tools to compare ideas: paired comparison and more.