Get Design Inputs with Flowcharts

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How do we even begin a design for the user without getting into engineering prototypes?

Don't we need to do lots of iterations of prototypes and physical mockups to get design inputs from other people?

Common Flowchart Symbols

Common Flowchart Symbols

While these things can be useful, they're not always practical or necessary, No, we don't need to do lots of iterations of different mockups to get design inputs.

In fact, we want to explore the use space with our team before we even start engineering stuff, including the mockups. So how do we get started talking with our team about a design concept without having something to show them?

This episode describes just one way we could do it: how to get design inputs with flowcharts.

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There are many things we can explore with flowcharts. We just touched on a few of them in this episode.

There are different ways we can look at flowcharts in order to tease out different design inputs. We really want to get those important design inputs so we can make the best designs by engineering products.

Our product designs affect and serve many people, so we can consider their use process as an important step in defining a great design.

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