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Engineering with Receptivity, with Sol Rosenbaum (A Chat with Cross-Functional Experts)

Sol Rosenbaum and Dianna Deeney talk about engineering with receptivity: how an openness with others for new impressions leads to success.

The Fundamental Thing to Know from Statistics for Design Engineering

data and people vector

In product design engineering, what is a fundamental thing to know from statistics? We talk about what it is and why, and next steps.

What to do for Effective and Efficient Working Meetings

We all like effective and efficient working meetings. What do we do to plan them, or how do we improve our recurring ones? Are we prepared to do things differently? If so, we can collect information so we know what we want to improve and by how much. We talk about best practices of meeting…

Get Design Inputs with Flowcharts

Common Flowchart Symbols

How do we get design inputs from flowcharting? Let’s talk about flowcharting as one method for engineering to gather design inputs.

Quality Tools are Legos of Development (and Their 7 Uses)

How are quality tools Legos of development? We talk about the two philosophies of brick building and our use of the family of quality tools, including 7 uses in product development.

Lessons Learned from Coffee Pod Stories

Coffee Cups

We explore a public consumer complaint and upset and imagine how it MAY have been avoided from the beginning from a product design standpoint.