Engineering with Receptivity, with Sol Rosenbaum (A Chat with Cross-Functional Experts)

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Dianna Deeney interviews Sol Rosenbaum about engineering with receptivity: how an openness toward others for new impressions and different ideas can lead to a successful engineering career.

This interview is part of our series, “A Chat with Cross Functional Experts". Our focus is speaking with people that are typically part of a cross-functional team within engineering projects.

About Sol

Sol Rosenbaum graduated with a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering and is currently the Owner & Managing Engineer of a small firm providing engineering support and energy analysis to commercial properties as part of the mortgage financing process. He also has a passion for mentoring younger engineers and founded The Engineering Mentor where he provides material geared towards younger engineers and helping them along in their engineering journey.

Sol and Dianna talk about:

  • Differences in project work, in seeing things through from project start-to-finish or becoming an expert in one aspect of a project.
  • How new technologies make things more efficient, and how an understanding of the underlying basics is needed, too.
  • The importance of showing up with openness and humility.
  • What types of things experienced engineers can do to help less experienced engineers.
  • How less experienced engineers can approach teamwork and their important contributions.

What can you do today?

Approach engineering with receptivity. Explore where hands-on experts are working and where engineering decisions have an effect. Show up without a specific intention and be open and willing to learn from others.

Sol’s recommendations

Sol's Website: The Engineering Mentor - Gain the non-engineering skills you need for engineering success!



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