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Timing Reliability in Product Design, with Jeffrey Lewis (A Chat with Cross-Functional Experts)

Jeffrey Lewis and Dianna Deeney talk about timing reliability for product development success.

Driving Effective Conversations-Prioritizing and Decision Making at Concept Development and Beyond


We navigate the challenge of prioritizing and decision making to make the crucial trade-off decisions that can make or break your product.

Driving Effective Conversations-Three Major Aspects to Consider for DfX

How do we better design for excellence? We should ask our cross-functional teams about these three major aspects. Knowing why helps.

Driving Effective Conversations-Taking the Lead in Working Meetings

We unravel the importance of communication and self-advocacy in the realm of product design, how to take the lead in working meetings with cross-functional teams to get design inputs.

Supply Chain Management during Design, with Kevin Bailey (A Chat with Cross-Functional Experts)

Kevin Bailey and Dianna Deeney talk about how design engineers are affected by and can affect supply chain management, for design success.

Foundations-The Strategic Gamechanger: Quality during (Product) Design

We review the ADEPT framework and handy tips to enable you to develop top-notch products by being strategic with quality during product design.