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Bridging Triumph and Trial: A Panel Discussion about Engineering with ‘To Engineer is Human’ and ‘The Wright Brothers’

STEM professionals host a panel discussion about engineering to discuss ideas from literature about engineering to current-day challenges.

What is DFSS and How does Quality during Design Relate?

We dissect Six Sigma’s DFSS and Quality during Design, revealing how these philosophies and methodologies are not just buzzwords but blueprints for achieving excellence in their different ways.

Exposing The Hidden Flaws of FMEA and Risk Matrices: Advancing Your Risk Assessment

Unveil the hidden flaws of FMEA and risk matrices that could be skewing your analysis and decision-making.

Getting Information for Product Design with Fred Schenkelberg (A Chat with Cross-Functional Experts)

Guest Fred Schenkelberg

Dianna Deeney interviews Fred Schenkelberg about working with reliability engineers in getting information for product design.

Harnessing Team Insights for Risk Analysis using Probabilities

Is your team stuck with choosing a severity rating?

From “Fall-Through” to “Follow-Through”: A Proactive Strategy for Design

Too much “fall-through”? We talk about the proactive strategy “follow-up and follow-through” and what that looks like for design.