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How we think about Quality during Design

Applying quality thinking during a design process to get the best designs

is like

pruning a fruit tree as it grows to get the best fruit

QDD Versus Video Series

Get Quality and Reliability Engineering fundamentals from a Product Design Engineering point-of-view.

Not sure what Quality Thinking means for product design? This video series is the introduction you need. It introduces several topics by comparison in just 8 episodes.

  • each episode builds upon the previous ones
  • focused on relationships to product design engineering
  • "crash courses" - each episodes is less than 15 minutes
  • graphics in videos and Venn diagrams in the notes help drive home concepts
  • several options: watch the video, listen to the podcast, read the transcript, and/or read the notes.

At the end of the series, you'll have a framework for your own application of Quality Thinking that can help with the success of your designs.

Episode 1 - Detection Controls vs. Prevention Controls
Episode 2 - Discrete Data vs. Continuous Data
Episode 3 - Internal Customers vs. External Customers
Episode 4 - Design Specs vs. Process Control, Capability, and SPC
Episode 5 - Quality as a Strategic Asset vs. Quality as a Control
Episode 6 - ALT vs. HALT
Episode 7 - Design Input & Specs vs. Test & Measure Capability
Episode 8 - UFMEA vs. DFMEA

Mistake-Proofing the User Process

Steps and Poka-Yoke Checklist

How do we go about mistake-proofing our product design? There are steps we can take and a checklist we can use, based on a well-used manufacturing quality method: poka-yoke.

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Curated Resources

Below is a list of some of Dianna's favorite resources: books, handbooks, websites, and quality friends. Her recommended materials are either well-worn from years of use or sparked ideas when she read them. She'll continually refresh these lists. 

Data Presentation

It takes discipline and thought to create clean visuals that communicate well. Learn some new strategies for your own data presentations.


Alley, Michael. "Assertion-Evidence talks are comprehended better by audiences and project more confidence from speakers."

Ways to effectively communicate technical presentations.

Duarte, Nancy. "Slidedocs®."

A different way to write and present technical documents.

Our World in Data. Our World in Data

Use this showcase of effective plots and charts to inspire your own.

UCLA Rapid Survey Course.

A free online version of a four-unit college course offered by UCLA's Department of Epidemiology. The course is about how to conduct rapid surveys.

Book: Tufte, Edward. "The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts WIthin." Beautiful Evidence. Graphics Press, LLC, 2006. pp. 162-168. 

This presents a strong case against using bulleted slide decks for technical presentations.

Article: Weiner, Jeff. “A Simple Rule to Eliminate Useless Meetings.” Linked-in, 

Jeff writes about ways to incorporate pre-reviews into a meeting agenda, and why it may be useful.

Reliability Engineering & Accelerated Testing