Use Quality during Design for products others love, for less.

For product designers, Quality during Design shares resources, practical advice, and problem-solving techniques to strategically apply quality and reliability engineering methods to product design.

Use Quality and Reliability tools and methods early and often during the design process, to create products that others love, for less total cost.

"...because a world of products that are safe, dependable, and easy to use would be a wonderful thing."

Learn what 12 things you should have before you start your engineering drawings.

In this valuable (and free) checklist, find out what pre-engineering design information you need to begin designing quality products that others love, for less.

Get the checklist to get started.

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Hello, I'm Dianna

"I'm a senior-level Quality Professional and an experienced engineer. My goal is to bridge you to the world's Quality initiatives and Quality-minded people so you can design reliable, safe products that have exceptional user experiences while using less resources. "