Attention Product Designers

Get cross-functional buy-in on concepts, faster and easier...

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Use Quality during Design development to create products others love, for less.

  • make a difference
  • solve questions earlier
  • be a star performer

Do you experience this?

  • difficulty getting feedback on ideas and designs
  • designs picked-apart only after they're nearly done
  • so many design prototypes, but still not getting buy-in from the team
  • design concepts changing mid-development after it's too late to change the design
  • so many fires to fight late in development

Listen to the Quality during Design Podcast

"Dianna Deeney has launched a podcast that focuses on both the need and the 'how to' include quality and reliability in your design. Both entertaining and thoughtful, the shows are well done and worth subscribing." — Fred Schenkelberg at Accendo Reliability

Available on this website and on-the-go with several of your streaming services.

It's not just an audio file - it also has a blog on this website that has extra information, graphics, and links to explore a topic more. Add a comment to the blog to add to the community!

You covered a lot of material in a very clear practical manner. The example was very helpful showing how the Quality tools can be used in a real-life example."

Cary Enslow, Reliability Engineering Expert at HP, Inc.

re: "Quality Tools Training" custom training program

The overall theme of Dianna’s podcast, using quality tools in the design process, shows her insight as to what’s important in developing products. Any project would be lucky to have Dianna’s input."

Roger Hill, Medical Device Engineering & Management

I appreciate what the cross-functional teammates bring to design, and I understand engineering and new product development.

I've worked in industry, where products are manufactured, all along the line of product development: on the production floor as an operator, a process and project engineer, and as a quality and reliability engineer in new product development projects.

I've spotted what consistently trips up product development teams, like yours.

I want to empower teams with how to work together in early concept development, before they start designing solutions.

By customizing proven frameworks that are used by many quality and reliability professionals for new product development, teams can drive the conversations they need for design inputs, priorities, and more. Develop meaningful inputs that can be used throughout the design process, accounting for benefits, risks, and the use process.

This promotes design-for-excellence ideas. And with design-for-excellence, we can have a world of products that are safe, enjoyable to use, and effective while using less resources: less materials, less waste, less time...