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Driving Effective Conversations-Taking the Lead in Working Meetings

We unravel the importance of communication and self-advocacy in the realm of product design, how to take the lead in working meetings with cross-functional teams to get design inputs.

Supply Chain Management during Design, with Kevin Bailey (A Chat with Cross-Functional Experts)

Kevin Bailey and Dianna Deeney talk about how design engineers are affected by and can affect supply chain management, for design success.

Foundations-The Strategic Gamechanger: Quality during (Product) Design

We review the ADEPT framework and handy tips to enable you to develop top-notch products by being strategic with quality during product design.

Foundations-Leveraging Proven Frameworks for Concept Development

Discover how quality tools, more typically used for monitoring and continuous improvement, can also be leveraged for early concept development, thus leading to successful product designs.

Foundations-Understanding Cross-Functional Collaboration

On this episode of Quality during Design, we pull back the curtains on the dynamics of cross-functional collaboration in product design.

Foundations-Exploring the Problem Space, A Key Principle for Robust Product Design and Project Success

Ever wonder why many product designs fail or why projects don’t always come out as planned? The answer might lie in how we approach the ‘problem space’ versus the ‘solution space’.

We’re celebrating two and a half years of Quality During Design podcast by revisiting the fundamental principles that guide our product design processes, and exploring how we can apply these principles to avoid common pitfalls.