From “Fall-Through” to “Follow-Through”: A Proactive Strategy for Design

Ever find yourself at the tail end of a project, swamped with unfinished tasks, and wondering where things went awry? Are there important recommended actions that the team was excited about that just didn't get done? These are the conundrums we tackle in this episode of Quality During Design, with a special nod to Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life" for his proactive approach to work. Move from "fall-through" to "follow-up and follow-through".

We dissect the all-too-familiar scenario of projects saddled with incomplete actions, despite our best-laid plans. We don't just commiserate—we arm you with a strategy to ensure that things are seen through to the end.

Let's pull lessons from Schwarzenegger's tenure as California's governor and his hands-on approach during crises. We dissect the significance of staying involved and the vital role of follow-up and follow-through. Use this when implementing recommended actions from customer studies to FMEAs.  Join us as we cast a critical eye on why management systems sometimes fail in practice and what to do to help ensure success. This isn't just about weathering audits or ticking boxes; it's about a commitment to excellence in product and service design.