Driving Effective Conversations-Prioritizing and Decision Making at Concept Development and Beyond


What if you could shift your approach in product design to focus on what really matters, and thereby create products that truly resonate with your customers?

We've been discovering the importance of considering a variety of inputs early in the design process. Now, we navigate the challenge of prioritizing these inputs to make the crucial trade-off decisions that can make or break your product.

We journey through the world of early concept development, discussing how setting priorities can ensure we deliver what's truly important. We look at how these priorities can guide the product development process and how they can be adjusted when new information arises. From surprising test failures to unexpected customer issues, we explore how to reassess our priorities based on these fresh insights.

Along the way, I'll be sharing more tools and techniques from previous episodes to help you prioritize your ideas effectively. Get ready to enhance your approach to product design and development and create products that your customers will love!


Using quality tools is a powerful way to gather and prioritize design inputs. We elaborate on the importance of prioritizing design inputs to make trade-off decisions, focus efforts, and ensure that what we're designing delivers what's important. We also emphasize the need to reprioritize as we uncover something new in the product development process.

When faced with an unexpected failure, going back to the priorities set can provide guidance on the next steps. I encourage allowing room to change our minds or reprioritize once we learn something new. This flexibility is key to successfully navigating the often complex product development process.

This episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone looking to enhance their approach to product design and development. Quality during Design's emphasis on early prioritization and the iterative process of adjusting priorities as we learn more about the product offers a valuable framework for creating products that resonate with customers. By incorporating these insights into the design process, businesses can ensure they are delivering products that truly meet customer needs.