Ways to Gather Ideas with a Team

Sometimes we need to gather with our team and come up with some ideas, whether we're looking for new product ideas, trying to discover possible solutions, or we need to improve a service.

Gathering a team to come up with ideas is common. What are some of the ways we approach this activity? We talk about systematic and structured methods and new approaches to brainstorming.

Trying different methods with our team can help us think in different ways and open up new tracks of possibilities.

Some new things to try:

Systematic Inventive Thinking / Closed World

Other Quality during Design podcast episode about Systematic Inventive thinking: Need to innovate? Stop brainstorming and try a systematic approach.

Change our focus to failures

Other QDD podcast about FMEA. What do we do with FMEA early in design concept?

Change our goal from finding solutions to asking questions

Gregersen, Hal. “Better Brainstorming: Focus on questions, not answers, for breakthrough insights.” Harvard Business Review. March 2018. hbr.org/2018/03/better-brainstorming, Accessed: 3 Jan 2023. 

Use design heuristics


Other QDD podcast about TRIZ: Get Unstuck: Expand and Contract Our Problem

Structured problem-solving techniques to help us focus on investigating first (PDSA, PDCA, DMAIC)

Other QDD episode about these methods: How to Choose the Right Improvement Model


We'll talk more about this in the next post.

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