Foundations-The Strategic Gamechanger: Quality during (Product) Design

Ever wished you could ace the art of product design using quality frameworks? Your wish is just about to come true!

We unravel the ADEPT framework, your magic wand for creating products that are not just satisfactory,  but loved by users. We'll also be discussing how to lead a team effectively, conduct hands-on meetings, and choose the right participants. These handy tips will enable you to develop top-notch products using cross-functional collaboration.

We're also unveiling how quality itself can be a strategic gamechanger in product design. The ADEPT framework, applicable to any quality tool, will bring alignment, discovery, examination, prioritization, and teamwork to your concept development process.

With Quality during Design's unique approach and with these resources at your fingertips, you're ready to step up your product design game.

Use ADEPT to help you Design & Create Early Concepts

We've reviewed the ADEPT framework and how you could use that for early concept development with your team. The ADEPT framework can really be used for any quality tool that you think is going to fit the need of whatever it is that you're trying to learn more about. It's a way that you can apply quality during design with your cross-functional team in early concept development.

When we're thinking about using quality in early concept development, we're thinking of ways to use quality strategically. ASQ studies how quality is implemented in organizations, and they report that only about one quarter to one third of our organizations view quality as a strategic asset, as a way to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. The rest of us see quality as a compliance activity or for continuous improvement or as just a way to fix problems and mitigate risks.

We should shift our thinking to think that quality is a strategic asset to product development, and we can use it proactively to help us improve the development process. We can use quality engineering and reliability engineering to add more concept development and provide information to help us make decisions during the development so we can have those products that others love for less.

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