Always Plot the Data

We don’t just rely on the numbers – we always plot the data! We review how we use plots to look past the numbers and common gotchas.

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Gemba for Product Design Engineering

If you have quality friends, you may have heard of Gemba. What is Gemba and can it help with product design? Gemba is an ideology. And, yes, it can help with product design! We explore how and talk about why you might want to adopt the term “Gemba” for product design engineering. Transcript Expand If…

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Design Input & Specs vs. Test & Measure Capability

When defining design inputs and specifications, what does a design engineer need to consider about the test and measure capability? What are the typical ways that we assess the variability that a test or measurement introduces into our result? VIEW THE TRANSCRIPT What’s the insight to action? Continue to recognize that there’s variation in everything,…

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Choosing a Confidence Level for Test using FMEA

We should choose a confidence level for our requirements or their test plans. We can associate that confidence level with the level of risk associated with our product. FMEA is a great tool for us to refer to, to help us choose a relevant confidence level by basing our decision on one or more metrics that the FMEA can provide. 

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The Way We Test Matters

We can look at test methods like a product in and of itself. Because tests also have requirements and need to produce usable results, we validate against those requirements. Validating our test method also ensures that they are precise and accurate.  We talk about things to consider when looking at product tests: tying test methods to the…

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