Gemba for Product Design Engineering

If you have quality friends, you may have heard of Gemba. What is Gemba and can it help with product design?

Gemba is an ideology.

And, yes, it can help with product design!

We explore how and talk about why you might want to adopt the term "Gemba" for product design engineering.

"Go to the actual place" where customers will be using your product, where it will be manufactured, and where it will be tested.

There are really two parts to the Gemba ideology:

  1. actively go to where it's happening to observe and talk to others
  2. take a partnership attitude with you when you do

For design engineers making decisions about components, specs, and tolerances, these downstream activities could be thought of as your internal customers.

Adopt the term "Gemba" or "Gemba Walk" to tag it in your memory as an ideology you can adopt when designing quality products others love, for less.

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