The Way We Test Matters

We can look at test methods like a product in and of itself. Because tests also have requirements and need to produce usable results, we validate against those requirements. Validating our test method also ensures that they are precise and accurate. 

We talk about things to consider when looking at product tests: tying test methods to the product's use environment, standards, and cumulative effects of testing. 

A few things to consider:

Sometimes test methods are tied to our product's particular use environment. What was done for one product may not be suitable for another product.

If you're planning to run a test for your product, make sure it's a validated test method. Ensure that the precision and accuracy of the test is right for your products requirements. 

When creating a test plan for your product, watch out for effects caused by cumulative testing on product. 

Here is a resource that describes precision vs. accuracy a lesson from a physics class):

More about standards: 

An article: "What are Standards? Why are They Important?"

ASTM International's website:


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