Quality Tools are Legos of Development (and Their 7 Uses)

Image by Freepik

How are quality tools Legos of development?

We talk about two philosophies of brick building and our use of the family of quality tools.

We also talk about seven uses of quality tools in product development.

You have my permission to be a little like Wildstyle when using SOME quality tools. If it’s organizing information, categorizing, creating some sort of model of a physical thing or a logical thing – helping people better understand an idea – then try it. Quality tools are proven frameworks that have worked for many people. They’ve been used by so many people that they have best practices. In that way, you can rely on them. But don’t let not knowing a little detail stop you from using them. They’ll likely help you. You'll get good at it through using it.

Be Careful! Just Like some Lego bricks are only useful with a planned construction project, some Quality tools are more useful with careful planning and execution. If it’s used with rankings, to highlight important things, or has a basis in statistics, then be like Emmit and follow the rules of construction. Thoughtfully execute and get advice from a knowledgeable practitioner.

Lego gifs via GIPHY