Every Failure is a Gift

When designs fail we can take on damaging mindsets while we're deciding our next steps, and this can lead us to bad decisions. We explore this and give some examples of pitfalls. We also talk about what to do within the design-realm to prepare for and combat those mindsets. Finally, I share my mantra when designing activities get tough with failures.

Here are some productive reactions to take when a failure happens:

  • Look at the data and maintain objectivity.
  • Refer back to those preliminary analyses the team did during a time of calm and clear heads: FMEAs (failure mode effects analysis), event tree analyses, etc.
  • Hold a design review with people outside of your team, who are not invested in the outcome.
  • Use my mantra, "Every failure is a gift", and remember that failures are just new information and opportunities to make things better.

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