Foundations-Exploring the Problem Space, A Key Principle for Robust Product Design and Project Success

Ever wonder why many product designs fail or why projects don't always come out as planned? The answer might lie in how we approach the 'problem space' versus the 'solution space'.

We're celebrating two and a half years of Quality During Design podcast by revisiting the fundamental principles that guide our product design processes, and exploring how we can apply these principles to avoid common pitfalls.

We talk about the importance of staying longer in the problem space, using quality tools for teamwork, and understanding the power of pre-work in meetings.  Listen-in to challenge our thinking and push us to rethink how we engage with new projects. Plus, gain insights on how questioning, investigating, and experimental approaches during project planning will empower you to refine your design processes.

We're inviting you to consider how the Quality During Design methodology can streamline your design process, reduce product failures, and create more meaningful customer experiences. This isn't just about designing products; it's about redefining how we perceive and approach the entire design process.

Problem Space vs. Solution Space

Today's takeaway

Many of us skip half of the problem space when we're getting introduced and involved in new projects. We jump from an idea to a solution space and we miss half of the project planning opportunities where we're experimenting and questioning and investigating, really developing the design inputs that we're going to need in order to make great designs in the solution space.

Quality during Design is about using quality tools for facilitated teamwork to stay in the problem space a little longer, to do that experimenting and that investigating, to research the problem space, for design inputs that are going to feed into whatever your product design decisions are going to be later. And when we are building and designing and prototyping, we can take those analyses that we did earlier and iterate them in further detail or with a different quality tool, an analysis tool that can help us and our team further make decisions about what it is we're designing.

When we're using Quality during Design, it's not that we are designing and creating the final product in a meeting. It's a way for us to choose useful activities so that we can understand more about the problem space and the user, so that we can ultimately design great products.

Next Steps

Explore the blog at Throughout this podcast and on the podcast blog at, we've explored a lot of these quality tools and their uses for product design. Using these quality tools for design purpose will certainly help you communicate with your team about your design concepts within this problem space, this questioning and experimentation space.

If you think Quality During Design may be a good fit for your organization or for you individually, contact Dianna.

Talk with Dianna to consult. Dianna consults with companies on how to incorporate these techniques within their existing product development process. Quality during Design is a supplement to your existing product development process to help your teams do more upfront concept work and to better integrate your usability and risk management programs.

Ask Dianna to be a coach. Dianna also offers her services as a coach to individuals Anyone who wants to learn these techniques and better their positioning as a product designer by working more closely with their cross-functional team.

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