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My product works. Why don’t they want it?

Mar 6, 2021

Have you ever designed a product that works but that customers just don’t want to use? We’ll review some tools and strategies to help prevent that from happening before product launch, or to help as a starting point when you plan for your version 2.0.

How to Choose the Right Improvement Model

Mar 3, 2021

Quality folks use and promote some standard problem solving and continuous improvement methods, and you’ll want to reference the right acronym when getting buy-in for your improvement project. You may have heard of PDCA, PDSA, and DMAIC. You vaguely know they’re improvement, but don’t really know what their differences are. When should you use which one, and for what? This installment demystifies the titles and explores the history of each so you can talk about the right tool for your project.