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Gabor Szabo

"Dianna Deeney recently wrote an EXCELLENT article on the future of the quality profession, which resonates with me on many levels."

Robert Shanks

"Dianna's presentation was excellent, and it was nice to work with someone that was easy to schedule and work with.  It made for a smooth presentation that provided valuable content for our members."

Cary Enslow

"You covered a lot of material in a very clear practical manner. The example was very helpful showing how the Quality tools can be used in a real life example."

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Greg Hutchins

"A real thought leader in Quality."

5 out of 5 stars reviews on Quality Tools Training Series

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and Why it Matters for Design Success

Dianna Deeney spoke to the American Society for Quality Medical Division on June 8, 2022. Her presentation Adding “Technical” back into Design Reviews: 3 Alternatives to Bulleted Slide Decks was excellent and the response from our members was overwhelmingly positive. Her presentation used an actual case to show how “going through the motions” with the standard bulleted slide deck can have tragic consequences and proposed other options to make technical presentations more meaningful and more accessible to reviewers. I hope that we can schedule Dianna again as I found her presentation interesting and informative.

Robert Shanks, Chair ASQ Medical Device Division Dallas/Fort Worth Discussion Group and Medical Device Division Secretary

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