Design Specs vs. Process Control, Capability, and SPC

This fourth episode of the “QDD Versus” series focuses on concepts relating to Design for Manufacturability. Understand how design specs fit into process control, process capability, and SPC and where they typically don’t fit at all. We talk about things to think about when setting limits on design features.And, when defining controls for potential failures,…

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Discrete Data vs. Continuous Data

Once we’ve decided to control something (think of our prevention and detection controls), we then need to decide how to measure it. Different controls may need different measuring requirements, which can give us discrete or continuous data. We treat these data types differently when collecting it, determining sample sizes, and analyzing it for results. Tune-in…

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Prevention Controls vs. Detection Controls

Dianna compares different types of controls in product development and design engineering: Prevention Controls vs. Detection Controls. She reviews concepts, uses for controls, risk-based controls, and how to prioritize design efforts for the right controls.

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Risk Barriers as Swiss Cheese?

There’s a model that can help us visualize and consider the different barriers to harm: The Swiss Cheese Model of Accident Causation. Learn what makes up this model and how ideas are represented. There are also different ways that the model is being used today. How can we design for controls, policies, or actions that are part of the use of our product but outside of our control?

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