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Gemba for Product Design Engineering

If you have quality friends, you may have heard of Gemba. What is Gemba and can it help with product design? Gemba is an ideology. And, yes, it can help with product design! We explore how and talk about why you might want to adopt the term “Gemba” for product design engineering. Transcript Expand If…

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How to Self-Advocate for More Customer Face Time (and why it’s important)

There are many stories of design successes attributed to the right level of understanding of the customer. Product designers make decisions, daily, about how a product is going to look and perform. So, we need to really understand the customer. And, to really get the customer, engineers need to spend time with them. Sometimes, the business doesn’t want us to interact with…

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Getting the Voice of the Customer

Before we can link customer needs to design, production, and service of our products, we need to listen to and understand the voice of the customer.  We review 6 common VOC collection strategies, and talk about their pros and cons. We also discuss an affinity diagram process, which may help our team organize all of…

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