Free Training

Engineering Products from a Concept Space

with your Cross-Functional Team

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Engineering Products from a Concept Space

You want to get the design inputs that are going to matter to you for product design engineering.

How do you do this with your cross-functional team without having a prototype or a mock-up - something for them to look at? Prototypes definitely have their place in development, but what more could you do to get design inputs before you start engineering solutions?

In this free lesson, we look at:

  • what the concept space is and its sources of design inputs
  • why engineers, the whole project, and the broader team all benefit from their early work in concept development
  • quality tools that can help teams discover more in working meetings
  • what types of things can be iterated from concept through later stages of the product development process

You get:

  • Access to a private online training portal
  • Video lesson (24 min) with transcript and stream-able audio file for different ways to consume the lesson
  • Downloadable worksheet
  • "Practice-it" exercise to put learning into action (20 min)

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