This 4-step Fast Track includes 5 lectures: 1 introductory lecture and 4 more that will help you with those early discussions about the use space with your cross-functional team. Each lecture includes a plan for a working meeting with your team, to get you the design inputs you need, using structured discussions. Total lecture time: 2.25 hours.

You can use as-is! You can also take next steps to continue to evolve and iterate on these steps through the other lessons that are part of the Quality during Design Journey.

Introductory Concepts
Step 1: Explore Benefits as Drivers to Design
Step 2: Symptoms Break-Down to Assess Risk
Step 3: Analyze the Use Process for Design Decisions
Step 4: Diagram Concepts to Communicate for Design Inputs

6 months access to the lessons via an online portal.
Plus, access to a private forum for Q&A.

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