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Design Input & Specs vs. Test & Measure Capability

When defining design inputs and specifications, what does a design engineer need to consider about the test and measure capability? What are the typical ways that we assess the variability that a test or measurement introduces into our result? Transcript Expand You’re listening to an installment of the Quality during Design “Versus Series”. In this…

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Designing Specs for QA

Creating specs for suppliers and producers is generally at the forefront of our thoughts about the activity. But, it’s also important to design for our QA friends, too, for inspection. We talk about what acceptance sampling is all about. We also step through a thought process for identifying and creating design features for inspection using…

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About Visual Quality Standards

Are test engineers or operators marking verification tests as ‘failed’ but your engineering judgement thinks it’s acceptable? This can happen with qualitative-type tests, like visual inspections. “A picture is worth a thousand words” is an old saying, and it holds true! Visual standards, visual aids, and quality standards are a great tool, especially in design…

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