Why Your Design Inputs Need to Include Quality & Reliability

You're nearing the end of your project, getting cross-functional approval on your design, when your QE or RE friend comes running with a big, red STOP button! Let's avoid that!

Quality and Reliability are INPUTS into the design process, much earlier than by the time we have a prototype in-hand (even at the black-box, input-output phase). Getting the QEs and REs involved early will help your design be a success with suppliers, manufacturers, and your cross-functional team.

If you're in a design project now and haven't gotten your QE and RE friends involved yet, reach out! Tell them about your project, see how they'd like to get involved.  

I'd like to know from you in the comments, one of these two questions.

  1. How many QEs and REs support your project now? 
  2. What is the most common type of work your QE and RE resources provide?

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