The Designer’s Risk Analysis affects Business, Projects, and Suppliers

It takes a village to produce a design from concept to realization. Everyone along the way seems to think of risk a little bit differently. Designers are both directly and indirectly involved with all these risk management methods, but it's important to understand who is looking at what type of information. Why? Because of communication. One group might think that risk management is covered in the way they're thinking it should be, when in actuality it's not. 

This podcast will review risk management of other functional groups and how a designer's risk affects them.

  • Business/Marketing risk management
  • Project Manager risk management
  • Supplier Management

As a designer you have an important job and a unique perspective to analyze risk of your design and a responsibility to communicate it so everyone can help reduce risks.  

Pst: click the graphic to download a .pdf.

What can you do today?  

  • If you don't know what an FMEA is, then I encourage you to look into it more. Ask a quality engineering professional about it or reach out to me! It is the most valuable risk management tool for designers.  Check out the link, below, too!
  • If you already use FMEA, then take a look at your current FMEA you may be developing. Do you see the potential risk that can affect business, marketing, project, and supplier management? If so, communicate it with your cross functional team.  

Once you've had a chance to listen, I want to hear from you. Share your answers to one of these questions in the comments section.

Tell us about a time you communicated risk to a project manager or supplier manager and what positive things came from it.  

If you are new to FMEA, get in touch with me, your local Quality Professional, or see this resource from ASQ: What is FMEA? Failure Mode & Effects Analysis | ASQ

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