The Designer’s Important Influence on Monitoring After Launch

Because of your role as a designer in product development, you have great input into the planning for what field (or real-use) data should be monitored for your product. We talk about this as post market surveillance, which is a typical term used for medical devices. This episode talks about how the post market surveillance engine follows the PDSA (plan-do-study-act) continuous improvement cycle, some expectations of post market surveillance systems, and what inputs designers have in its planning.

What's today's insight to action?  

Acknowledge that a great post market surveillance plan will include more than monitoring for complaints. Consider case studies, published reviews, surveys, and other field assessments of our product. But we need to base it on our particular design and market.  

Understand that because of our role as designers in product development, we have great input into the planning for post market surveillance of our products. Before there's a release to market, we can take another look at the product performance results during development, the usability engineering file, and the risk management file so that we can pull out what's really important to monitor in the field for this product. 

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What are some examples of post market surveillance activities for products you've been involved with? 

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