How Does Reliability Engineering Affect (Not Just Assess) Design?

Reliability Engineering isn't just about assessments. It's about providing information to make decisions. How does reliability engineering affect design?

We answer all the questions from the classical Kipling Method:

  • What kind of design inputs can we expect from a Reliability Engineering working relationship?
  • Why is their point of view important?
  • When should we get them involved in the product development cycle?
  • Who can we generally look to for a reliability engineering viewpoint?
  • How can we get them involved?
  • Where do we find out more information?

What's today's insight to action? Find out who the reliability engineers are in your workplace. They may not have the title "reliability engineer". They may have a quality engineer title but be doing reliability engineering type of work.

Or they may be a design engineer with reliability engineering interests. If that describes you, then bookmark this website:! There are lots of free resources and even some free training about how to use quality and reliability engineering methods during the design process. The information at is geared toward product development engineers - it's made just for you, so check it out!

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