Engineering in the Color Economy


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What is engineering in the color economy?

We explore facets of sustainable economic models: Green, Blue, Yellow, and Orange.

Where do you fit in now? Where would you like to be? And how can you make design choices within each (or all!) of these color economies?

You can find Dr. Rhonda Farrell at Global Innovation Strategies, or you can find her on Linked-In. Business and Management Consultant - Global Innovation Strategies (  


A highlight about each of the color economies from Santandar:


Green economy (or green industry) – sustainable methods that put environmental issues at the forefront 

For more about electric boats, visit Flux Marine:


Blue economyusing resources efficiently

Books by Gunter Pauli (author of The Blue Economy):

More about the Circular Economy and Ellen MacArthur:


Yellow economy - interconnection, networks, and AI

The "Made in a Day" series for TV and streaming:


Orange economyproducts with intellectual value, or creations that spark new, innovative ideas.  

More about the orange economy from a financial institution:


What's in store for your career in the future?


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