3 Tips for Planning Design Reviews

Many presentation books and guides seem to focus on presentations that we see at conferences, for sales pitches, or for executive meetings about business topics.

They don't seem applicable to the technical design reviews that engineers host.

But they do relate.

We talk about just 3 ways that we can change how we can plan technical design reviews, using some of the principles of presentations.


Three things to consider when planning for your design reviews:

  1. It's about the audience, not us (the engineer).
  2. Focus on recommendations instead of the methodology.
  3. Rely on the technical report for technical information. Use presentation slides to share simple, big diagrams to help the team understand a concept. Or maybe show a photograph of a product feature you're talking about.

What is one thing you do during technical design reviews that you think would benefit other engineers? Share by commenting, below.

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Books I mentioned: 

Data Story by Nancy Duarte

Beyond Bullet Points by Cliff Atkinson

Helpful website for formatting reports into digital documents for 'digestion' (not presentation):

Slidedocs®: Spread Ideas With Visual Documents (duarte.com)

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