Mistake-Proofing – The Poka-Yoke of Usability

How do we go about mistake-proofing our product design? As we're looking at our user process, we can use a quality method that's well-used in manufacturing production: poka-yoke (mistake-proof).

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Mistake-Proofing the User Process

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Below are the examples we talked about in the podcast. Share with us in the comments: what is another example of everyday uses of mistake-proofing that you notice?

Example  Inspection Type (Who & When)  Inspection Methods   Type of Alerts 
Computer cables are designed to only fit together one way.  


Source Inspection check  Physical method   n/a 
We have self-assembly furniture, and we check the contents of the box against the parts list in the instructions before we start assembling it.  


Successive inspection   Grouping and Counting method   n/a 
Passing our technical report through a spell-checker or Grammarly before we publish it 


Self-inspection   Information enhancement  n/a 
Powered miter saws require a single-handed a brake release button and trigger that need to be pushed at the same time. 


Source inspection check   Step-sequence method    n/a 
I hear buzz sound when I don’t remove my credit card from the machine after it’s done reading it. 


Self-inspection   Information enhancement   Warning function 
I turn off the engine in my car while it’s still in drive. The car gives me a jingle, and a bright orange message appears in the dashboard: I’ve forgotten to put the car into Park. 


Source inspection   Physical method (sensor)  Warning function 
The self-checkout system at the grocery store won’t let me scan another item until I’ve placed the previous item into the bagging area.  Source inspection  


Grouping and Counting method   Control function  



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Definitions of poka-yoke dimensions are adapted from:
Tague, Nancy R. “Mistake Proofing.” The Quality Toolbox, 2nd ed. ASQ Quality Press, 2005, pp. 351-356.

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