Design for User Tasks using an Urgent/Important Matrix

We’ve collected all sorts of preliminary information about our users that we’re using for a new product design. We may be faced with so much data we’re not sure where to turn first, or what design feature is a priority. There’s a simple, 2-way matrix we can use to help us sort it all out: an urgent/important matrix. We may have used it to prioritize tasks for ourselves or as a management strategy for our team. But, we can also use it to evaluate the tasks our users take when using our product. 

We talk more about this matrix in the podcast, and we talk through an example of how to use it to evaluate user tasks.

Urgent/Important Priority Matrix Example

Try using the urgent/important matrix as another tool you can use to prioritize user tasks. It can help prioritize design decisions, including user interfaces, labeling, and customer support.  

urgent/important matrix

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