More about the Quality during Design Journey

The Quality during Design Journey is 3 courses

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Course 1

Design for Problems and Risk

(3 weeks - 8 lessons)

This Course is all about expanding product design to include problems and risks, and how we can use that to our advantage with our cross-functional team to get early design inputs and make decisions throughout the development process.

Learning objectives of this course are:

  • Evaluate problems with a team as a means of design input.
  • Develop group discussions to explore potential risks in product concepts.
  • Identify ways design can control risks within a system.
  • Define design priorities and actions based on risk throughout the development process.
  • Describe how risk analyses link and why we do different types of risk analyses (including FMEA - failure mode and effects analysis).
  • Choose categories to monitor in the field based on risk analyses, following a model of continuous improvement.
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Course 2

Design with Quality and Reliability

(2 weeks - 6+ lessons) 

Star Design Engineers know how Quality and Reliability can support great design engineering and when to ask for their help. This course explores who's-who in these fields and how their expertise can help make design decisions for design for excellence.

We look at:

  • how Quality and Reliability affect Design Engineering
  • sources of variation and how that affects design decisions
  • quality methods as ways to control risks and variability
  • reliability tests for concept evaluation and beyond
  • common tools for both that designers can use for communicating with their cross-functional team


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Course 3

Design for the Users

(1 week - 3+ lessons) 

This course explores many ways we can get design inputs about our users. We treat the use of our product like a process and use quality tools with our team to analyze, simplify, and mistake-proof our design.

We use:

  • process flow charts
  • task analyses
  • risk anlayses
  • and other quality tools and graphical organizers

Each course has several lessons.

Lessons are clearly mapped with 1, 2, 3...

Each lesson has multiple learning options: video, transcript, and audio only for easier streaming. 

Keep track of your progress with objectives that you mark completed.

Move your learning from online to your work with worksheets and other downloads.

Expand on your knowledge of the lesson topic with bonus materials.

Course quality matters. We use the Quality Matters Continuing and Professional Education Rubric to design and measure the quality of our courses.

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You get instant access to the Quality during Design Journey Introduction and Getting Started lessons.

Timed release prevents overwhelm.

Lessons are released weekly on Mondays. For example, Course 1 Lessons 1 and 2 are released on Monday. Lessons 3, 4, and 5 are released the next Monday. This allows for coaching experiences aligned with topics.

Coaching options helps provide a unique learning experience. Use the discussion board. Get topical emails when you reach milestones. Participate in live sessions.


After the completion of the course and its objectives, you may download a certificate of completion for the course. And we invite you to continue to be a member of the Quality during Design Journey!

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