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What You'll Learn at Quality During Design

Strategize with Quality thinking throughout your design lifecycle.

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Use Quality thinking at the right times: early and often.

Everyone benefits when quality methods are integrated early into the design process, and you are in one of the best positions to make that happen! I believe (and have seen) that this can lead to products that are safer, more reliable, and more intuitive to use; a development process that avoids surprises; and cost savings through doing the right thing early. 

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Know the methods, when to get help, and how to act on results. 

You don’t have to learn how to do it all. But, you need to understand the methods available and how you can use them to make decisions. This includes asking a Quality professional to analyze something for you and then knowing how to act on the results. 

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Strategically use Quality thinking to prune the design process. 

We use quality thinking to trim and hone our design processes and know when to call in a Quality professional so we get our perfect designs. 

Are you a Product Development Leader?

Is it possible to improve product design processes by integrating quality methods into them? Can it really lead to less struggle and frustration with completing design projects?


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Dianna Deeney

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Click the link to find out how I went from the manufacturing shop floor and design engineering to loving Quality and promoting Quality Thinking throughout the design cycle. 

What Quality during Design is Not About

We don't get into how to do complex analyses and things like six-sigma projects; that's what our Quality friends love to do, and there are a ton of other resources out there to help with that.