Thinking: How do we use quality during design?

During the product development process, are there so many design prototypes but the team's still not getting buy-in?

Are design concepts changing mid-development after it's "too late" to change the design, or are designs picked-apart only after they're nearly done?

Late in development, are there many fires to fight with too many surprises at test?

Adjust when and with whom we do design activities. Use frameworks to make communication easier. Make design decisions with data.

For Quality during Design,

move Quality and Reliability ideas from end-of-line test & inspection

to front-of-line design inputs.

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Hello, I'm Dianna Deeney.

"I'm a senior-level Quality Professional and an experienced engineer. My goal is to help you to find solutions so you can design reliable, safe products that have exceptional user experiences while using less resources."

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